Dead or Alive NetEnt Slot Review

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Are you a fun of outlaws casino games? If you are, you are bound to have a lot of fun at with the Dead or Alive slot game. The game packs a lot of fun with high winning percentages for players.


Dead or Alive Slot

Deal or Alive slot is an innovative and engaging product from NetEnt. The classic slot has received cult status over the years featuring the highly thrilling outlaws at . The classic slot packs a lot of thrill and excitement with a simple game play.

  • High RTP
  • High variance game

The classic slot games features on five reels with nine paylines and three rows. You can play the classic slot with only 9p for a spin on all devices. It is a high variance game that comes intact with free spins feature for players.

Graphic and Sound

A journey to the Wild West is thrilling with amazing graphics throughout the scene. The background of the game reminisces the Wild West era filled with outlaws. The graphics are high quality with the depiction of different characters and symbols within the game.

Some common characters you will encounter in the journey includes Jesse James and Billy the Kid. The sound effects are on point with the sound of the gun upholstery to gunshots. The soundtrack of the game fits a movie with the derailing sounds and buildup during action.

Dead or Alive Bonus Features

The NetEnt classic slot game features a wide bonus features to keep you glued to the screen while embarking on the journey. There are two unique bonus features that comes with the slot. The free spins is a common features which allows players up to 29 free spins.

  • Game is legal
  • Bound to wagering requirements

In addition to the free spins available, it includes the wild stack feature. The additional feature includes wild symbols that remain on the reels for the whole time the feature appears. It is a simple way to use by the players while being highly effective.

Betting Rules for Dead or Alive

Before you placing your wagers on the line, there are a set of betting rules that come with the classic slot game. The betting rules help in determining how players spin the reels, making wins and withdrawing their cash outs from the online casino.

Different kinds of budget come with the classic slot game. In terms of the betting range, it starts from the lowest with 9p and grows to a maximum of up to 18 euros per spin. A player can select a more manageable bet limit.

  • Maximum bet button
  • Autoplay function available

Game Play for Dead or Alive

Dead or Allie has a simple game play for beginners to get a hang off. The moment you place your bet follow with hitting the spin button to set off the game into action. A win is when a player manages to land three rows consequently.

Apart from going for a win, there are a series of special features that can be unlocked in abundance while having fun with the classic video slot. The free spins available also boosts the winning potential of most of the players at the online casino.